The Buzz on Nuzzles®!

Swiss Miss: Nuzzles
“The word Nuzzle is awesome. I just want to keep saying it over and over. Nuzzle. Nuzzle. Nuzzle…”

Grain Edit: Nuzzles
“Really like these wooden typographic puzzles (Nuzzles) from designer John Christenson…”

Elle Decoration South Africa: Need a Nuzzle?
“You may not have known that you needed a Nuzzle, but take a look at these custom designed wooden typographic puzzles handcrafted by designer John Christenson, and it’s hard not to imagine your name as a Nuzzle…”

Desktop Magazine: A Puzzle Called a Nuzzle
“If you’re keen to see your name carved in wooden delight…”

Selectism: Nuzzles
“…custom made letter blocks – or nuzzles, for short….”

We Like That: Nuzzles von John Christenson
“Wow. Hölzerner-Typography-Puzzle-Shizzle…”

whouah, Urban Stuff
“Découverte des Nuzzles, ces lettres en bois pour petits et grands…”

HelloTypo: Nuzzles Puzzle
“Found this wooden typographic puzzle today that I want to share with you. I like handcrafted type!”

“We love Nuzzles.”

Hebfactor: Naam in hout: Nuzzles
“…geen fabriekswerk, maar stuk voor stuk hand gemaakt, in dit geval door de Amerikaan John Christenson.”
“Der Designer John Christenson aus Chicago fertigt Holzbuchstaben in verschiedenen Größen…”
“I love typography. Especially when I can hold it in my HAND!”

Holycool: all things cool
“…each letter and character interlock with each other, which makes the puzzle part of the nuzzle.”

Cre8tive Girl: Do you need a Nuzzle?
“John Christenson creates these fun wooden typographical puzzles called Nuzzles…”

Boys Germs: Nuzzles are like puzzles!
“Hold them in your hand and feel the earthy grains and smooth curves…”

Graphic Design Inspiration from Common Things
“Graphic designer John Christenson decided to do something in graphic design that is quite rare; he creates three-dimensional graphic pieces…”

The Trendy Girl: Nuzzles, les puzzles personalisés
“Un petit clin d’œil pour ces adorables petits puzzles de prénoms en bois fabriqués de manière artisanale par les mains du designer John Christenson…”

The Design Inspiration: Handmade Wooden Typographic Puzzles
“We have listed some of John’s Nuzzles…let’s have a look at the smart wood art…”

Designrfix: Typography: 80+ Inspiring Creative Designs
“So sit back and enjoy this amazing showcase of typographic artwork created by some of the most talented artists from around the world…”

“Forget seeing your name up in lights, how about seeing them in wood?”

The Ministry of Type: Your Name in Lignin
“These wooden name puzzles by John Christenson are great…”

“Nuzzles è un’idea di John Christenson che ha inciso queste lettere in legno a mano unendole tra loro a mo’ di puzzle…”

Nuzzles, linda ideia de presente

Bit Rebels: Typography Puzzle – Mind Twisting Letter Blocks
“It’s a new kind of puzzle that doesn’t take long to build, yet it offers a really cool result when you’re done and finished with it…”

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