Inspired by a wooden name puzzle I received as a child, I began designing my own puzzles for family and friends, and called them ‘Nuzzles®.’ I’ve now made many Nuzzles® for people around the world.

Every Nuzzle is carefully cut from a single block of wood by hand on a scroll saw. Each name or word is custom-designed and the characters ‘nuzzle’ together using a unique connecting system. Finally, the Nuzzle is hand-sanded and stained for a lasting, rich and durable finish.

I’m a Chicago-based designer and studied both graphic design and industrial design at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In addition to the Nuzzles® project, I design and build furniture and toys, create print, web and multimedia design for a variety of clients, renovate our historical American Foursquare home, make my own cheese and bread, and run ultra-marathons.

Thanks for your interest in Nuzzles®!

– John Christenson